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GPL’s Tax Gurus are experts in all situations related to Form 1040NR (including the circumstances under which you must file Form 8843), and we are intimately familiar with the workings of numerous of tax treaties. We are a firm with an international scope who can help you with your U.S. tax situation whether you are arriving in, departing from, or haven’t been in the country for years. No matter where you are in the world, we can work with you to make sure you don’t pay more taxes than you are required to.

We will:

  • Make sure that all tax treaty provisions that apply to you and your situation are applied to your tax return.
  • Report only the income you need to report, and make sure any deductions you may be able to take advantage of are used.
  • Work with you in your own language. Our staff is proficient in numerous languages, and if we don’t have a staff member familiar with yours, we have an extensive network of contacts who can be called in to help.
  • Provide guidance in other tax and financial matters, such as securing ITINs for dependents, tips on how to establish credit ratings, help in investing in property or establishing a U.S. corporate entity, and more.

Question: I am a non-resident alien in the U.S.. My young children live with me. Can I claim the Child Care Tax Credit?

Answer: Generally, no. Only those students and scholars in non-resident tax status who are from one of the countries that can claim dependents (Mexico, Canada, Korea and India) can claim the Child Care Tax Credit.


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Why GPL?

Our team members have come to the United States from around the globe, so we have personal insight into the complexities faced by international taxpayers, whether they are resident or non-resident aliens. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us discuss your situation and take a look at your 1040NR returns from the past two or three years to make sure they were done correctly. If you’ve been the U.S. for a while and you haven’t filed, you should also contact us. We can help you get compliant before your visa is endangered. If you are outside the U.S., we have flexible hours and our online portal and other electronic tools allow us to work with you no matter where you are in the world.


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GPL Tax & Accounting is here to handle your personal and business tax preparation and planning needs. We can also handle your bookkeeping and accounting requirements. GPL provides all the tools and know-how you need to be in the best tax position while staying compliant with all tax regulations.

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I’m a non-resident alien. What happens if I don’t file my federal tax returns?
If you owe taxes and don’t file, the IRS can assess penalty and interest and seize U.S. bank assets for repayment. Fines and penalties can often amount to more than the original tax debt.

There can also be immigration consequences for failing to file taxes. Applicants for permanent residency “green cards” are frequently asked to show proof of tax filing for previous years in the U.S.

I arrived in the U.S. in December and I didn’t work. Do I still have to file something with the IRS?
Yes. If you were in the U.S. even 1 day during the tax year, you must file Form 8843.

I had bank interest on my checking or savings accounts, is that earned income and must I file other tax forms?
No. Simple bank interest and interest on CD’s are not considered earned income for non-resident aliens, and therefore are not reportable. Your bank generally reports this interest on Form 1099 and you should retain this form for your records, but not mail it with your tax filing. If you file taxes as a “resident alien”, bank interest is taxable income.


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