Individual Tax Preparation Services

No matter what your tax preparation need, we have tax specialists who are trained and experienced in dealing with it. No matter how complex your finances or how tangled your situation, our tax specialists can straighten it out for you. We have seen it and solved it all.


  • Complex tax situations are handled with efficiency and consistency, thanks to permanent, year-round staff.
  • We provide complete tax preparation services, including all returns for prior years that you require done.
  • We make sure you get the maximum tax benefits from your rentals or sole-proprietorship-related property using the most effective depreciation strategies.
  • Return preparation for resident and non-resident aliens, dual status aliens, and U.S. ex-pats (including assistance with ITIN applications).
  • Tax planning advice is avaiable whenever you need it.
  • In-house accounting services can be integrated into the tax preparation process when you require it.

Question: My mother is in a nursing home, and I pay for the entire cost. Can I deduct the expenses?

Answer: Nursing home expenses are allowable as medical expenses in certain instances. They are treated as medical expenses, and they are deducted as such on Schedule A.

If you, your spouse, or your dependent is in a nursing home, and the primary reason for being there is for medical care, the entire cost, including meals and lodging, is a deductible medical expense.

If the individual is in the home mainly for personal reasons, then only the cost of the actual medical care is a deductible medical expense, and the cost of the meals and lodging is not deductible.


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Why GPL?

We specialize in tax returns for high-networth individuals with investments and financial holdings around the world. Our speciality is defining scrupulously compliant and ethical tax strategies that minimize your tax liability.

We serve you as you wish to be served. You can come to our office for in-person meetings, or you can deal with our tax specialists by phone and email while uploading your tax documents through our online GPL Communications Tools. Similarly, the filing of your tax return can be handled entirely electronically if you desire. Wherever you are in the world, GPL can work with you.


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Padma Ramanujam

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GPL Tax & Accounting is here to handle your personal and business tax preparation and planning needs. We can also handle your bookkeeping and accounting requirements. GPL provides all the tools and know-how you need to be in the best tax position while staying compliant with all tax regulations.

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How do I write of gambling losses on my taxes?
First, you must declare gambling winnings. You enter these on Line 21 on your Form 1040. Second, you must itemize you deductions and file Schedule A. You may deduct losses up to the level of your winnings.

Can I write off the interest I paid the IRS when I paid my taxes late?
No. Interest and penalties paid to the IRS is never deductible.

Where do I deduct my child support payments?

Nowhere. Child support payments are never deductible. If a divorce decree or other court order says that you must be child support and spousal support (alimony), the alimony portion can be written off, but not the child support portion.


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